Membership Cards

To request your FISH-NL membership card please call the office at 237-6300.

You can also request a card using this online form. All information is strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

A card(s) will be mailed to you directly, but FISH-NL also has dozens of card captains around the province distributing and collecting membership cards for your convenience. To find out whether there’s a card captain in your area — or to become a card captain yourself — please contact the office.

Co-ordinator Lisa Rice can be reached at; (office) 709-237-6300; or cellphone 709-691-8717. FISH-NL President Ryan Cleary can be reached at 709-682-4862.

To be eligible to sign a membership card you must have a fish sale in your name (share of the catch) in 2018 or 2019, with union dues deducted and remitted by a processor/buyer, or have an up-to-date Professional Fish Harvester Certification card.
Membership cards must be completed, signed and dated by the harvester unless there is a literacy issue.  Anyone can sign the card as a witness.  The only rule is that a person cannot witness their own card. The original signed card must be submitted to FISH-NL. Incomplete or fraudulent cards will be rejected. 

FISH-NL’s second application for certification includes a 90-day membership drive to begin on Aug. 12, and run until Nov. 8th, on which date an application for certification to represent the province’s inshore harvesters will be formally submitted to the NL Labour Relations Board. The Board will then review FISH-NL’s application to ensure the support of at least 40% of inshore harvesters, which is the minimum required to trigger a vote.