FISH-NL announces ad campaign

FISH-NL announces ad campaign featuring personal messages from harvesters 


Friday, Dec. 15, 2016 

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) launched an advertising campaign this week, featuring six fish harvesters from around the province with personal messages to their current union, the FFAW.

“For some unknown reason, the FFAW won’t acknowledge the fact that its membership is in full-fledged revolt,” says Ryan Cleary, president of FISH-NL. “The FFAW fiddles as its membership burns its union cards.”

Leading up to Christmas Eve, dozens of 30-second radio advertisements will play on the VOCM network throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. The advertisements were recorded by harvesters over the telephone from the outports where they live.

Funds for the advertising campaign were raised through a Crowd Funding campaign on the Internet. FISH-NL set a goal of $16,000, money raised through donations in five days. 



NO. 1

Do I want to be apart of a union that sets rules and regulations to favour a chosen few?

Do I want to be apart of a union that turns its back on outside buyers when they’re prepared to pay fishermen $3.50 US a pound for cod?

Do I want to be part of a union that used our own dues to fight our fellow scallop fisherman in court — and lost — then only to waste more of our money to appeal?

The answer is no. 

I’m Boyd Lavers, a fish harvester from Port Saunders, and I’m behind FISH-NL.


NO. 2

No trust. No consultation. No respect. 

That’s the FFAW. 

I want to be part of a union that gives back to its membership, not a union that takes from us for benefits like a gold-plated pension plan. We can no longer tell the difference between the FFAW and DFO. Who’s the union? Who’s the manager? Who’s for us?

I’m Michelle Jesso, a fish harvester from Port au Port, and I’m behind FISH-NL.


NO. 3

Earlier this year the FFAW proposed a secret, 5-cent-a-pound levy on lobster. 

Nothing surprised me anymore about the salt-water mafia, but the time for complaining on the wharves and stages is over. 

I want a union that fights regressive DFO policies that put harvesters’ lives at risk, and a union that negotiates the highest possible price so that crewmen are fairly compensated. 

I’m Jason Sullivan, a fish harvester from Bay Bulls, and I’m behind FISH-NL. 


NO. 4 

I want a union that will fight for fair fish prices for all species for all harvesters. 

I want a union that will with to get back our scallop grounds from large offshore companies, and a union that will ensure a bycatch of halibut for harvesters — not for union science.

I want a union that encourages new entrants into the fishery, and one that will ensure codfish is graded at the wharf.

I’m Peter Leonard, a fish harvester from Southern Harbour, and I’m behind FISH-NL.


NO. 5 

Are you tired of receiving unfair prices for the fish you land?

Are you done with paying too much in regular and hidden fees that affect your bottom line?

Are you fed up with the the lack of consultation by the FFAW, and the fact that staff reps don’t listen to your concerns?

If your answer is yes to those questions — and I suspect it is — then it’s time to make a change for the future. 

I’m Richard Gillett, a fish harvester from Twillingate, and I’m behind FISH-NL.


NO. 6

All fish harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador should be equal, but we’re not. 

By provincial government law, Labrador fish harvesters aren’t allowed to sell their crab to plants on the island of Newfoundland. Such policies are backward and outdated. We need to put control of the fishery back in the hands of harvesters. 

I’m Kirby Brown, a fish harvester from Fox Harbour, Labrador, and I’m behind FISH-NL.