FISH-NL Provincial Tour: Leg 2

FISH-NL announces second leg of province-wide tour 


Friday, Nov. 18, 2016 

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) will begin the second leg of a provincial tour this coming Monday, Nov. 21st, with dozens of stops along Newfoundland’s northeast coast, from Jackson’s Arm to Hickman’s Harbour.

"We have 15 formal meetings scheduled, but we’ll be looking to meet fish harvesters wherever they gather — on the wharves or stages, in their kitchens and community halls,” says Ryan Cleary, president of FISH-NL, who’s leading the tour.

“The first leg of the tour, which included Labrador, the Great Northern Peninsula, western Newfoundland, and the southwest coast was a resounding success in terms of card collection and distribution.”

FISH-NL’s membership drive began on Nov. 1, with more than 10,000 cards distributed to date around Newfoundland and Labrador by close to 200 volunteers. The membership drive distributes and collects cards, as well as hears from fish harvesters on their concerns.

“The hundreds of fish harvesters we heard on the tour’s first leg do not trust their union and acknowledge that the relationship is broken beyond repair,” says Cleary. “Fish harvesters are ready for change and see real hope in FISH-NL.”


Provincial Tour Schedule, Nov. 21-Nov. 26th

Monday, Nov. 21st

2 p.m. Jackson’s Arm Fire Hall 

7 p.m., Baie Verte, Bay Vista Inn 

Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

9 a.m. La Scie, Kin Centre 

2 p.m. Triton, Town Centre

7 p.m. Leading Tickles, Fire Hall

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd

11 a.m. Twillingate, Lion’s Den

2 p.m. Summerford, Lion’s Den

8 p.m. Fogo, Fogo Arena 

Thursday, Nov. 24th

11 a.m., Musgrave Harbour, Fire Hall

2 p.m., New Wes Valley, Harbour Authority

Friday, Nov. 25th

10 a.m., Eastport, SUF Hall

2 p.m., Princeton, Fire Hall (in Summerville)

7 p.m., Bonavista, Hotel Bonavista 

Saturday, Nov. 26th, 

10 a.m., Port Rexton, Lion’s Club

2 p.m., Hickman’s Harbour, Community Centre