Fish or Cut Bait

Fish or cut bait is a direct appeal to inshore harvesters to pay a “representation fee,” the size of which would depend on the fleet they’re in and role in the fishing enterprise. 


Licence holders in the over 40-foot fleet are encouraged to pay $150, while licence holders in the under 40-foot fleet are asked to pay $100. 


Crew members are asked for a $50 donation. 




All contributions are welcome, including from members of the NL community at large — with the exception of fish processing companies and the offshore sector. FISH-NL is for inshore harvesters only, and contributions are strictly voluntary. 


FISH-NL operates based on fairness for all harvesters — contributions do not translate to influence within the organization. 


Contributions can be made by credit card or by sending a cheque.


The bulk of funds raised will be used to pay for legal fees, which could reach well over $100,000 during the potentially months-long certification process. 


Funds will also be used to operate FISH-NL’s office until the completion of the certification process, at which point the union will be fuelled by membership dues.



Make cheques payable to FISH-NL and send by mail to


P.O. BOX 8158

St. John's, NL

A1B 3M9